Ways to compost goat manure and its advantages


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Is goat manure compost good fertilizer?

Goat manure is a good fertilizer. It is full of nitrogen content and can improve soil amendment. Moreover, it is odorless and can save water by reducing leakage.

Solid goat manure contains 46.58% organic carbon, 1.34% nitrogen, 0.54% phosphorus, and 1.56% potassium. After composting, the contents of N, P2O5 and K2O reached 2.23%, 1.24%, and 3.69%, respectively.

Using goat manure as organic fertilizer can help gardeners grow nutritional plants and improve yields. It is a wise choice to add goat manure to garden because it is an effective way to enrich the soil. Besides, it is in granular form thus you can apply it directly to the garden without worrying about burning them.

However, you’d better not apply goat manure to the soil without any fermentation. Because there are parasites and eggs in fresh goat manure. When fresh goat manure decomposes in the soil, it will give out heat which will burn the roots of plants.

Therefore, before using goat manure as organic fertilizer, you must make compost first. Next, let’s see how to make goat manure in a commercial scale.

goat manure to make compost
goat manure is ready for making compostgoat dung manure compost

How to compost goat manure in a fast way?

To make commercial compost, you need a good helper to speed up decomposition. That is, compost turners. As a specialized composting machine, it can speed up fermentation by adding more oxygen.

Moreover, during the turning process, composting compost turners can fluff and crush goat manure efficiently. Through numerous tests, our compost turner can make well-fermented compost in 15 days.

To further meet your requirements, we design three type of composting machines for you to choose from.

Moreover, you can read our post about large-scale composting equipment if you plan to make commercial compost.

commercial wheel type compost turner to make goat manure compost

groove type compost turner

The first type is groove-type goat manure compost turner. This type works in trenches and you need to load goat manure in the grooves. We have chain plate compost turners, wheel type compost turners, and the common type groove compost turner.

commercial crawler type compost machine for making goat manure compost

self propelled compost turner

The second type is self-propelled goat manure compost turner. It works on the open space and one operator is enough to drive it. This type is customized for those who have large working areas.

in vessel commercial composting machines

in vessel composting machine

The third type is in-vessel composting machine, which is also the most environmentally friendly. Because goat manure decomposes in a closed environment, there are little waste air emissions.

The answer is no. Nothing like horse manure or cow manure, it will not burn the roots of plants. But there is a similarity you have to keep in mind that fresh manure will cause bacteria to ruin the plant roots. So, you have to make compost first. Fortunately, MFP staff can give you a design. Besides, we can customize composting machines for your business.

In fact, goat manure is more suitable for soil than cow and horse manure. Simple reason. Goat manure is in granular form which is easy to collect and apply.

Poultry manure, like chicken manure, has the highest nutrients. There’s plenty of nitrogen and phosphorus. Therefore, chicken manure is better.

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