Double shaft mixer, also called twin shaft mixer is widely used in mixing bulk blending powder fertilizer. It is the next procedure of batching raw materials in BB fertilizer production line.

Double Shafts Mixer Design And Capacity

The double-shaft mixer mainly includes the drive device, the screw shaft of the feed inlet, the tank body, and the discharge port. Specifically, the drive device includes a motor, a reducer, and gears. The double-shaft mixer is horizontal and the body length is adjustable according to your requirements. Usually, the mixer’s body length is connected to its performance. The longer the mixer, the better its performance. There are two mixing blades inside the mixer and they rotate reversely and evenly.

MFP’s double-shaft paddle mixer realizes high mixing capacity. Our model 0830 is equipped with a ZQ350-31.5 reducer model. Similarly, our reducer is provided by an excellent manufacturing company-Scheider, to ensure its stable performance and extended longevity.

Also, the outer diameter of this mixing shaft model is 420mm and can reach 35r/m. Its dimensions are 3700*800*750mm. You can add liquid to the mixing process. The max loading capacity of this model can reach 10 tons per hour.

Double Shaft Mixer Maintenance

As for its maintenance, MFP suggests you check it every day after use. When you start the mixer, you need to check if there’s material in it. If it works for a continuously long time, be sure to clean it with a pressure washer. After finishing mixing, you have to check if there is no block material at the outlet. Meanwhile, when cleaning the blades inside the mixer, you cannot use metal hammers because blades are made of cast iron and are easy to brittle.

What are the Different Types of Mixers?

MFP produces 3 types of mixers that you can use them in various raw materials. The first type is shaft mixer, including double and single shaft types. You can use them in the continuous mixing of mixed fertilizer. Then the second type is the BB fertilizer mixer, including specialized in BB fertilizer and drum type BB fertilizer mixers.

Drum type BB fertilizer mixer is fit for large-scale production line, while BB fertilizer mixer improves the accuracy of dosing.

Why choose our twin Shaft Mixer?

A double shaft mixer has high mixing efficiency and can humidify, stir and transport solid granular materials or powder materials. The compact structure makes it take up less space. It is driven by a reducer, with stable rotation and low noise. Feeding from the top and discharging from the bottom, the structure is reasonable. The mixing blade is wear-resistant material and MFP factory has polished it to make it more wear-resistant.

What is the Price of a Double Shaft Mixer?

According to its capacity, a double shafts mixer will cost you about $2,000 to $5,000.

MFP company guarantees on-time dispatch. Besides, if you have special needs for the package materials, we can also change them for you.


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