How To Make Money From Chicken Manure?

Do you own a chicken farm? Do you think a large amount of chicken poop is a tricky problem? Look at things from another point of view, you can find an entirely new chance.

How do you make chicken farming profitable?

In addition to selling eggs, selling broilers, turning chicken poop into organic fertilizer can also make your farming profitable.

Chicken poop is also called “black gold” because it can be nutritional organic fertilizer or fuel. Today, we will mainly introduce how to make organic fertilizers from chicken manure.

Make money from chicken manure

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Profits You Can Get From Making Chicken manure

Chicken fertilizer has a large nitrogen content and is good for plants. Is chicken manure valuable? The answer is yes, you can sell chicken poop to nearby garden holders. However, before doing that, think about one question, how much does 1 ton of chicken manure cost? According to the statistical results from

“It was found that the value of poultry manure as a complete fertilizer (N,P,K) varied from $18.91 to $107.01 per ton depending of component prices (N, P, K), moisture content, and the amount of bedding used.”

A tempting price, right? There’s great pay in making chicken manure. Meanwhile, as the price fluctuates, you can know that the component determines its price. Moreover, the pelleted fertilizer is more expensive than powdered chicken manure. Because the former is easy to store, transport, and apply.

Feel interested? You can read MFP’s business plan for organic fertilizer plant costs. We have estimated all expenses of making organic fertilizer from scratch, including factory area, cost of production line machines, and raw material costs. We can provide you with a turnkey solution to dispose of your chicken farm’s manure.

Chicken Farm Organic Fertilizer Profit Calculation

Taking 300,000 chickens as an example, there will be 30 square meters of fresh manure on your chicken farm. You can produce 1 ton of organic fertilizer from 3 square meters of fresh manure. Additionally, plus bedding materials you can produce 12 tons of organic fertilizer per day, and the cost of one ton of organic fertilizer is about $500 (the cost of bedding materials is different ), the wholesale price of organic fertilizer is $450-$550 per ton, and the retail price is $880-$1000 per ton. According to the wholesale price, the profit per ton is $300 per day and which would be $9000 per month, $108,000 per year.

300,000 Chickens

  • 30 square fresh chicken poop
  • 12 tons chicken manure fertilizer

Full set of organic fertilizer machines investment

MFP has helped many customers set up an organic fertilizer plant, and the budget is about $110,000. Nevertheless, it has been proven that all fertilizer machines we produce can last for 10 years (you only need to change worn parts). In conclusion, it will pay off in the long run. Meanwhile, by recycling chicken farm waste, you can reduce environmental pollution and realize sustainable development at the same time.