How To Use Poultry Manure Processing Machine To Make Fertilizer?

For large-scale poultry farms, poultry manure processing machines can not only help dispose of a large number of poultry manure but also utilize them as organic fertilizer.

MFP produces a series of manure-processing machines.


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Advantages Of Poultry Manure In Agriculture

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Poultry manure is from poultry farming, including chicken, duck, goose, and pigeon manure. In general, there are also feathers and beddings in poultry manure. It is relatively high in organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and it also contains 1% to 2% oxidation and other trace elements. Its nutrient content is much higher than that of livestock manure.

  • Which Nutrient Is Highest In Poultry Manure?
  • Nitrogen and phosphorous content in poultry manure are the highest and the amount of them in poultry is about the same.

  • More specifically, chicken manure contains 25.5% organic matter, 1.63% nitrogen, 1.54% phosphorus, 0.85% potassium, 11% carbohydrates, and 7% fiber.

  • The water content of fresh poultry manure is relatively high, which is often over 50%.

Introduction To Poultry Manure Processing Machines

To get poultry manure fertilizer, you need the help of poultry manure processing machines.

Fresh poultry manure has a large content of moisture, so the first step you need to do is to dewater them. A liquid solid separator can dewater them efficiently. Then, you cannot use dehydrated poultry manure as fertilizers directly because it is not fermented and may burn the roots of plants.

To speed up composting period, composting machines can do you a good favor. After composting, you can crush them and directly pack them as powder fertilizer.

Otherwise, if you depend on them to make profits, you need to use a poultry manure granulating machine to get nice-looking pellets. In the granulation process, if you choose the dry granulation method, a granulator, and a screener is enough. Nevertheless, if you choose the wet granulation method, it’s gonna be a little bit complex. Because you also need a drying and cooling machine to reduce the moisture content produced in wet granulation.

Poultry Manure Processing Machine In Composting

How To Make Pellets From Poultry Manure?

pan granulator for making npk fertilizer pellets

After composting, poultry manure becomes grayish brown and has no odor. There may be large agglomerates, bones, and pebbles in the material. So before making pellets, you need to crush raw materials into homogenous powder. In the poultry manure fertilizer making process, many choose to use a semi-vet material crusher.

In order to make the organic fertilizer richer in nutrients, you can add the appropriate amount of trace elements humic acid, and other nutrients. After adding the nutrients, it is necessary to fully mix them with organic fertilizer. If the amount is relatively small, you can mix it with tools by hand. For larger quantities, a blender is recommended.

With all the preparations above, you can begin to make pellets. Common granulation equipment includes disc granulators and drum granulators. Both of them belong to wet granulation. A difference between them is that you can add water during the granulation process if you use a disc granulator, while if it’s a drum granulator, you should add water before materials get into the granulator.

1-Ton Poultry Manure Dryer

Through drying treatment, you can reduce the water content of chicken manure below 15%. In this way, on the one hand, you reduce the volume and weight of chicken manure, which is convenient for packaging and transportation. On the other hand, it can effectively inhibit the activity of microorganisms in chicken manure, and reduce the loss of nutrients as well.






The auxiliary equipment of the drying equipment includes dust collectors and deodorizing equipment. After the hot air comes out of the drying furnace, it enters the dust collector through the pipe to remove the dust mixed in the air. Then, the gas is sent to the secondary combustion furnace for deodorization treatment at a high temperature of 500~550°C and finally, the gas that meets the environmental requirements can be discharged into the atmosphere.

The formation of granules needs to add water, so after granulation process, you should dry the granules to prevent sticking.

For 1-ton poultry manure fertilizer drying, the SXHG-0808 rotary drum dryer model of MFP company can well assemble. It requires over 300°C of inlet and has a capacity of 1-2 tons.

1-ton poultry manure fertilizer does not need a cooling machine. Follows are reasons.

You need to cool the dried granular organic fertilizer for storage. If the output is less than 3 tons per hour or there is enough drying space, the organic fertilizer can cool by itself, otherwise, you need to cool it by a cooling machine.

In order to make the organic fertilizer particle size uniform and the price higher, it is necessary to screen the organic fertilizer particle size. Organic fertilizers that do not meet the size should be returned to the crushing stage for re-granulation.

poultry manure fertilizer rotary drum drying machine