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Composting is the process of breaking down organic waste materials, such as livestock and poultry manure, food scraps, sludge, and crop straws, into nutrient-rich soil amendments. Composting can be done on a small or large scale, and today we are going to introduce large scale composting. MFP manufactures high-quality composting machines, which can help you compost large scale waste in a fast way.

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Difference Between Large-Scale And Small-Scale Composting

Small-scale composting is typically a simple and low-cost way for individuals and small farms to reduce their organic waste and improve their soil quality, while large-scale composting is a more complex process that requires more resources. However composting large scale is an effective way to manage large quantities of organic manure and create high-quality compost for commercial use.

Small-scale composting typically happens in a backyard or small garden. This method is ideal for individuals or small farms with limited amounts of organic waste. Small-scale composting is typically finished using aerobic methods.

Usually, you need to turn the compost frequently to provide enough oxygen for organisms. Thus, it can decompose quickly. Small-scale equipment like moving type compost turners is favored by many garden holders and small farm owners.

Large-scale composting, on the other hand, involves the processing of larger quantities of organic waste. This method is typically used by commercial composting facilities, municipalities, and other organizations that generate significant amounts of organic waste. Large-scale composting can be done using either aerobic or anaerobic methods, depending on what kind of commercial composting machines you choose. Large-scale composting equipment is often used to turn and aerate the compost.

Overall, large scale composter can make commeical compost for your business.

Cheap Way To Produce Large Scale Of Compost

One of the most affordable ways to produce compost is by creating a compost pile. You can use windrow compost turners or groove type composting machines. For groove type composting machines, you have to build groove tracks, which requires additional construction cost. While windrow turners require a fairly large area to work.

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An in-vessel composting system is a machine that processes organic waste in a controlled environment, such as a container or a tank. This type of system is suitable for producing large-scale compost and can handle a wide range of organic materials. Prices vary widely, but there are some affordable options available for under $5,000. Another noticing advantage of this fermentation tank is that it can ferment the raw material in 10 hours, fast and convenient. After fermentation, you come to the age procedure and then you can get prepared compost.

Another highlight of this commercial compost machine is its capacity. The largest capacity of the fermentation tank can reach 150 m³.

How To Compost Large Quantities Of Layer Chicken Manure?

Preparation Of Decomposed Chicken Manure

Choose fresh chicken manure, and prepare 2-3 cm straw (straw, wheat straw, corn stalks, sawing ash, chaff), if adding sawing ash or chaff. It is recommended to cut the straw into 2-3 cm. The function of the straw is to adjust the carbon-nitrogen ratio, to keep the material pile loose, and adjust the moisture.

Then you need to control the humidity of the material between 50% and 60%. This can be known in this way: get a hold of the compost, and you can feel the water, but not drip. Farmers should not worry about the carbon-nitrogen ratio. It is recommended that the amount of straw added is 20%-30% of the chicken manure.


Fermentation bacteria are the key. Some may wonder if it is necessary to activate the bacteria. You can put the bacteria in brown sugar water and stir it before splashing, or the bacteria can be mixed with corn flour (rice bran, etc.) and then sprinkled.

500 grams of fermentation bacteria can ferment 2 tons of dry chicken manure, add 400-600 kg of straw, and then add a certain amount of water (maintain 50% water).

Fermentation Process Management

Set Up A Large Composting Plant

Before deciding to set up a composting plant, you need consider land rent at first.

It is related to the region, and the rent is lower in a vast area. Land rent is also a relatively large cost, which can be investigated and budgeted in advance. The size of the site is related to the annual production capacity of the production line.

For example, if the annual output is 3000-5000 tons, the fermentation site can be open-air, the indoor fermentation needs about 600 square meters.

The annual output is 50,000 tons, and the land is 3,000.

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