in vessel composting machine

Fastest Way To Convert Manure Into Compost

There are two traditional ways to make organic manure fertilizer. One is to make windrows and turn them with self-propelled compost turners.

The other is to construct grooves and use groove type composting machines to flip manure.

However, it often takes about 10-20 days for organic waste to make compost with these two composting methods. Moreover, it requires a vast area of operation ground and low-level automation(needs 3-5 workers to operate). Also, there is another disadvantage you cannot avoid, that is, the terrible environment of the bad smell when continuously composting.

If you want to make compost in a short time and avoid the bad smell, MFP factory can provide you with a new solution to make compost fast way. It is our in vessel composting machine. You can use it to dispose pig manure, chicken manure, cattle manure, sheep manure and mushroom waste.

large scale in vessel composting machine to make organic compost.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of In Vessel Composting Machine?


The floor area is small, the annual output of 10,000 tons needs to cover an area of 30-50 square meters, the project does not need to build a new factory area. Moreover, the investment cost is low.

  • First of all, fast cycles of fermentation. It can achieve organic fertilizer decomposing every 8-10 hours of fermentation.
  • It does not take up too much space. For example, take us SXFT-100 model as an example. Its dimension is 5000*5000*8500mm. There is no need to build a new factory area, so the investment cost is low.
  • It is easy to operate the in-vessel composting machine. You can achieve the whole fermentation process by one or two people.
  • It is environmentally friendly. It produces in an airtight environment, without any dust or noise.
  • You can use this in vessel composting machines everywhere in the world. No matter if it’s in winter or summer, you can use it through all seasons. The main body of the machine adopts a thermal insulation design and there is an auxiliary heating system.
  • It is stainless and can prevent wear and tear to a great extent.
  • It is equipped with a waste discharge line and you can collect waste without secondary pollution.


The in vessel composting machine is much more expensive than groove type compost turners and windrow composting machines.

All in all, in vessel composting machine, is a good choice in the long run when it comes to labor intensity, environmental perspective, and overall benefit.

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Design Of In Vessel Composting Machine

in vessel composting machine bottom design
  • The vessel composting machine comprises a fermenting room, Inlet and outlet ports, agitator, heating systems, ventilation systems, and level sensors.
  • The ventilation pump can supply adequate oxygen during the fermenting process.
  • Also, the hydraulic transmission system has high power. Follows are the function of each part.


  • Fermenting room: This is the main part of the tank where you can store the organic fertilizer. The outer materials are stainless steel.

  • Inlet and outlet ports: These are openings in the tank that allow for the input and output of materials. They can be fitted with valves, pumps, or other equipment for controlling the flow of materials.

  • Agitator: An agitator is a device that you can use to mix the contents of the tank, ensuring that the fertilizer is well-mixed and evenly distributed.

  • Heating systems: Depending on the application, there are heating systems in organic fertilizer tanks to maintain the temperature of the contents at the desired level.

  • Ventilation system: To prevent the buildup of harmful gases, there is a ventilation system in the organic fertilizer tanks that allows for the circulation of fresh air.

  • Level sensors: The level sensors in it can monitor the amount of fertilizer in the tank, allowing operators to accurately control the input and output of materials.

How Does In-Vessel Composting Work?

You need to transport the required fermented materials to in vessel composting machine by a sealing conveyor in accordance with the appropriate C: N ratio, C: P ratio, C: K ratio, pH value, water, and bacteria. Then quickly warm up and mix, killing the pathogenic bacteria and weed seeds in the organic matter.

After the temperature rises to a certain level, the host operates and starts to ferment. With the help of high temperatures and beneficial microorganisms, organic matter can become qualified organic compost after 8-10 hours of rapid decomposition and corrosion.

Furthermore, the operator provides active conditions for good oxygen bacteria by regulating the moisture, oxygen content, and temperature of the raw materials.

During this period, high temperature and oxygen fermentation tank equipment control the temperature between 55-60 degrees Celsius through ventilation, oxygen, and stirring.

As a result, the high temperature can kill a large number of pathogenic bacteria and parasites.
in-vessel composting machine

How Much Does In Vessel Composting Machine Cost?

You can customize the in vessel composting machine from 5-150 m³, which makes a huge difference in their prizes. It is a little more expensive than traditional compost turners, but it is far more efficient.

Besides, if you need to know more details, please quote us. Our experts can provide you with a detailed plan as well as a satisfactory prize.

Application In Farm Use

Aerobic in vessel composting machine for chicken broiler manure with organic bedding.

For example, one customer of ours would like to dispose of chicken manure on his farm. The raw materials he owned are with much organic bedding. Because his disposal area is limited and is short of hands, we recommend he choose this aerobic fermentation tank.

It turns out to be great for there is less odor and he can make compost in a fairly short time. More importantly, there is a 365-day warranty that MFP company can provide, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of them.

Otherwise, if you need to make fine powder or pellet fertilizer products, MFP also supplies the whole set of fertilizer machines such as crushing machines and granulating machines. Tell me your plans and our specialists will give your a full detailed projects design and blueprints. Moreover, you’ are welcome to visit our factory, we will show you our credits and power.