Double Roller Pressing Granulator

The roller compaction granulation technique is currently the main granulation method for making powders. It is becoming increasingly essential with the improvement of automation. This technique is a process that uses pressure to cause solid materials to aggregate, with two counter-directional axes squeezing them.

When the material is squeezed, the air between particles is expelled, and strong van der Waals forces are generated between the particles, causing the structure to be reorganized.

A double roller pressing granulator also called a double roller extrusion granulator, is suitable for granulating potassium chloride, thermal phosphatic fertilizer, ammonium sulfate, and various compound fertilizers. Besides, it is suitable for your bulk blending pellet fertilizer production line.

double roller granulator in making BB fertilizer

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Is Granulation Roller Compaction Process Wet Or Dry Granulation?

Roller compaction technology is a typical way of dry granulation and it belongs to the pressure molding granulation method. According to the different external force systems applied, pressure molding can be divided into the die pressing method, extrusion method, and extrusion rolling granulation method.

This granulation method and equipment can be widely used in fields like pesticides, fertilizer, and feed. If you have the intention of making small-scale compound fertilizers, a double roller granulator is fit for you, for the double roller granulation process is simpler than another wet granulation process.

Roller granulation is a dry method of powder granulation without any chemical reactions, so the production process is simple. Therefore, you don’t bother drying and cooling of the material.

MFP company also manufactures the whole set of dry granulation equipment. For example, we have introduced a compound fertilizer production line in our previous post. This production line can produce 10,000 TPH granular compound fertilizer.

Things You Need To Pay Attention When Using Double Roller Granulators

You don’t need to invest a large amount of money and the double roller granulator machine is also energy-saving.

However, there’ s one thing you need particularly pay attention to, that is, the moisture content, hardness, and temperature of the material.

If the moisture content reaches a certain high level, the flowability will worsen and it is easy to block the double roll granulator.

The temperature of the material will affect the roller compaction effect, due to consistent friction, the temperature of the material will gradually increase.

The higher temperature of the material is more conducive to obtaining relatively dense finished particles. However, the temperature should be appropriate. For example, the urea feed with low water content should avoid high temperature to prevent adhesion to the roller.

Four Main Parts of Double Rollers Pressing Granulator

  • 1

    Pre-conveyor: A suitable hopper can help you achieve continuous feeding without interruption. In general, there is a vibrating conveyor or screw conveyor.

  • 2

    Forced cone screw feeding structure: You can control the feeding rate by the forced feeding machine so as to prevent material blockage in the feeding process.

  • 3

    Roller press granulation structure: The roller press granulation structure is the key component of the granulation process, which is responsible for compressing the material and forming granules. The roller sheet are typically made of high-quality steel or another durable material to prevent wear and tear.

  • 4

    Post-conveyor: The post-conveyor is responsible for conveying the finished granules to the next process.

3 Advantages Of Roller Compaction Granulation Technique

  • Strong adaptability, high capacity, uniform granule size, good granule strength, and high granulation rate. You can use a double roller extrusion granulator to make pellets directly without preprocessing, which can save both your time and energy.

  • Reduces dust pollution and improves the environmental conditions of the production process.

  • It is environmentally friendly. Because the whole production process doesn’t release odor. It can help you reduce bad smell of organic manure to a maximum.

how to extend the service life of double roller press granulator?

To extend the service life of the double roller press granulator, you need to take care when operating the machine.

First, you need to reduce the particle remains on the roller granulating machine.

Second, the roller sheet is easy to wear and tear if you don’t feed materials to the roller compactor granulator in a continuous way.

Last but not least, the materials of roller sheet itself will influence its service life. Low-quality material will cause the roller corrosive easily and can only last for a short time. We recommend you choose the stain-less type due to its corrosion resistance. Keep these three points in mind and you can make your roller granulating machine last long.

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Roller VS Disc Type Granulator

Both rouble roller press granulator and disc type granulator are suitable for small-scale pellets production. Then, which one is more efficient?

The double roller granulator has a wide adaptability to raw materials and has a small investment with quick results, it can greatly accelerate the benefits of the your company. While the disc granulator has a stable production efficiency, a long service life of the equipment and is sturdy and durable. It can save money for the manufacturer. At the same time,its stable production also brings long-term benefits to the manufacturer.

Advantages of Double Roller Press Granulators and Disc Granulators are as Follows:

Advantages of disc granulation production line process

  1. You can directly observe the situation of granulation. If there’s any situation, you can adjust it at any time.
  2. You can also adjust the particle size, and the degree of freedom is relatively large. This is because the size of the particles depends on the inclination and rotation speed of the disc.
  3. Short production process of the disc granulation, simple process structure and small investment of equipment, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Highlights of extrusion granulation production line technology

  1. No need to adjust the moisture of the material during granulation, saving the drying equipment.
  2. Wide range of granulation. It can be adapted to process granules containing heat-sensitive materials, such as adding ammonium bicarbonate to organic fertilizers for granulation.
  3. The production flexibility of the roller extrusion granulator is good. You can adjust the fertilizer production plan at any time, and you can produce special fertilizers.
  4. Compared with agglomerate granulation, the uniformity of the particle size of the roller extrusion granulator is an obvious advantage, because the spherical pits of the rollers are the same size.