Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Costs

Discover our cutting edge fertilizer making machines

At MFP, we offer a range of cutting-edge fertilizer making machines designed to maximize efficiency and minimize costs in your production process. Contact us today to explore how our innovative solutions can transform your raw materials into fertilizer production and help you achieve remarkable results.

Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Costs:

Discover Our Cutting-Edge Fertilizer Making Machines


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Interested in customizing your fertilizer production to meet your specific requirements? Send us an inquiry and our team will work with you to find the perfect fertilizer-making machine solution.

Large-scale compost machines help make commercial compost. Groove-type, self-propelled type available.

pan granulator

Granule making machines can produce uniform & hard pellets. Apply to various raw materials pelletizing.

liquid solid separator

Rotary drum dryer & cooler, screener, crusher, fertilzier packing machine, and belt conveyors also sold.

Quality fertilizer equipment production since 2005

chicken manure production line

fertilizer Production line projects provided by mFP factory

MFP factory manufactures the full set of fertilizer machines and can assemble various types & capacities of your fertilizer production line. Our project designer illustrates a 15,000-ton-per-year poultry manure fertilizer production line on the right. Click it to learn more!


crawler type compost turner

crawler type compost machine in organic fertilizer production line

This design achieve smallest footprint, and easy operation. It can deal with 500-1500m³ piles of compost.

Wheel type compost Turner

The most efficient compost turner. The turning depth can reach 1.5-3m and the turning span can reach 30m.


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wet granulation-rotary drum churning machine
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“Wonderful experience. They provided detailed plans and production line design. Now I can turn my farm waste into good fertilizer by myself. Simple & convenient!”

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