A grown-up cow can produce 30kg of manure every day.

For a farm with 1000 cows, there would be 30 tons of manure a day. Quite a large quantity, right?

As summer is around the corner, if not disposed of well, the cow dung will give out a horrifying smell under sweating days.

Why not turn them into useful organic fertilizers, which can save your problem and bring you a fortune? MFP factory makes cow dung fertilizer machines and keep reading to learn more.

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How To Make Organic Fertilizer From Cow Manure?

MFP factory has designed automatic cow dung fertilizer production lines to help you make organic fertilizers. Today, we are going to introduce our cow dung grinding machine. With its help, you can turn cow dung manure into fine powder or make thorough preparations to make cow dung pellet fertilizers.

In the process of cow dung decomposition, it not only generates phosphorus and potassium compounds but also synthesizes new organic matter – humus.

Humus is an important substance to constitute soil fertility. In this way, you can reduce cow dung pollution and gain certain economic benefits.

Currently, the most common method of treating cow manure is to use it as organic fertilizer. The manure is rendered harmless by the fermentation process under the action of microorganisms and turned into a mature fertilizer.

In the process of microbial decomposition of organic matter, it not only generates a large amount of effective NPK. Plants can absorb and use these elements. It also synthesizes new macromolecular organic matter – humus.  Humus is an important active substance constituting soil fertility. Because it can not only relieve the pressure brought by cow manure on environmental pollution but also turn waste into treasure and gain certain economic benefits.

how to crush cow dung with a grinding machine?

Fresh cow dung needs dewatering or composting first. First, you need a cow dung dewatering machine because the moisture content of fresh cow dung manure is around 82%. It’s obviously too high a water content to make compost(60% is the best moisture).

Then you also need a cow dung compost turner to help speed up fermentation. Through continuous turning, the oxygen will get into the compost. Therefore, the decomposition becomes quick. When the cow dung gives out a bad smell no more, you can know the compost is ready (takes 10-15 days). Often, the moisture of finished compost is around 25%.

Now, you can use cow dung compost as fertilizer. However, there are many cow dung cakes during composting, which makes it hard to use.

Fortunately, the MFP factory has solved this problem. As a fertilizer machine manufacturer, our factory makes a whole set of fertilizer machines that can help you turn cow dung into powder or pellet fertilizers. As for cow dung powder fertilizer, you only need a grinder for crushing cow dung. Moreover, it is easy to operate. Next, have a better look at our cow dung crushing machines.

what role does Cow Manure Shredder play in Making fertilizer?

MFP factory manufactures two types of cow dung pulverize machinery for our requirements.

The first type is a vertical crusher (also called high moisture crusher) and the second type is a semi-wet cow dung crusher. From its name, you can easily know the difference between them. For fresh cow dung without dewatering, you can choose the first type powder making machine. While for fermented cow dung compost (at 25% moisture), you can choose a semi-wet crushing machine.

Our dry cow dung powder-making machine includes semi-wet type and agricultural waste crushing machines. The former crusher for dry cow dung compost into 50-mesh powder. While the agricultural waste crusher has more strict requirements for the moisture of cow dung. Because you have to make sure the dry cow dung is under 10% moisture.

Fresh and dried cow manure can both be used as agricultural fertilizer, and which is better for which use depends on the soil and the specific needs of the plants being produced.

Fresh cow manure is high in water content and a rich source of plant nutrients such as NPK.

However, because fresh manure might contain hazardous bacteria, it is critical to handle it carefully and compost it properly before utilizing it as a fertilizer.

Dried cow dung, on the other hand, is a good source of organic matter and has a low moisture content, which helps to improve soil structure and water-holding capacity.

Dry cow dung can be added to the soil as a soil conditioner or used as a mulch to help keep the soil moist and control weed growth.

The ideal method for using cow manure as a fertilizer will ultimately depend on the particular requirements of the soil and the plants being cultivated, as well as the accessibility and handling of fresh or dried cow manure.

To identify the optimal fertilizer application, it is frequently advised to test the soil and confer with a local extension agent or another agricultural specialist.

What’s the price of cow dung powder machine?

The price of crusher in cow dung fertilizer manufacturing factory depends on the type and capacity you choose. All our cow dung grinders are customizable. From 1TPH to 15TPH, our factory can make various types of cow dung manure for your farm or commercial cow dung fertilizer business. Email MFP’s salesman and we will offer you the most competitive price.

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As a cow dung machinery manufacturer established in 2005, MFP factory can ensure the high quality of our machines and give you a factory price.

What’s more, a 365-day warranty is provided, and online customer service is always available.

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