Packaging Procedure For Organic Fertilizer

The packaging procedure for organic fertilizer goes like this. First, you need to clamp the bag tightly at storage. Second, fertilizer should be weighed and then packed. Last, packing is finished and it can be sent to the sewing machine by belt conveyor.

fertilizer bagging machine

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Chicken Manure Powder Fertilizer Bagging Machine

This chicken manure packaging machine has intelligent control instruments with high precision. It performs stably and is equipped with an electronic display.

Moreover, the operation is simple and quick. Because it has the functions of over-limit alarm and fault self-diagnosis. So you don’t have to worry about breakdown when it is working.

There are spiral twister feeding methods and free-falling methods. If the fertilizer powder is not smooth and the feeding is easy to block, you can choose the screw twister packaging machine. For the screw twister packaging machines are not easy to block and are suitable for many kinds of powder materials.

Double bucket packaging means that the packaging speed is faster, the two hoppers are weighed alternately, and the material is dropped after the bag is fixed. It can pack more than 700 bags of fertilizer per hour. Generally, a belt conveyor can be used for feeding, and the packaged bags can be transported by a belt locomotive.

Chicken Manure Pellet Fertilizer Bagging Machine

Chicken manure pellet fertilizer bagging machine adopts an all-digital dual-core processing equalizer, which can store multiple ranges. It has 3 mode feeds, high, medium, and low. It is easy to operate and can ensure speed and accuracy.

The PH of chicken manure is around 3.5, so it is strongly acidic. To prevent wear and tear, the area which often contact with chicken manure fertilizer should be corrosion-resistant. The contact area of this machine is made of stainless steel which can last for a long time.

In order to improve the weighing process, the feeding process of chicken manure organic fertilizer has fast and slow processes. After the controller receives the weight signal from the sensor, it controls according to the preset program value and starts with fast feeding. When the weight is close to the set weight, the fast feeding signal stops and enters into slow feeding. At the same time, when the weight is equal to the set weight, the slow feeding signal output is stopped, the feeding gate is completely closed, and the quantitative weighing is completed. The weighing error of this bagging machine is about 0.2%.

The basic chicken manure and pig manure organic fertilizer can be made into stainless steel according to requirements so that it has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.