Liquid Solid Separation Techniques

The working principle of liquid solid separator is to use a screw press to separate solids and liquids. The raw materials enter the screw squeezer through a pipe. It first dehydrates through gravity and then uses a vibration device to evenly dehydrate. The friction between the material plug and the inner wall ensures the working pressure.

Manure after dehydration is almost odorless and less viscous. It can be used as base fertilizer. Its fertilizer effect is long and stable. More importantly, it supplements the NPK in the soil and enriches the organic matter of the soil.

manure solid-liquid separator

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What are Liquid Solid Separation Process In Fertilizer Production?

The liquid solid separation process is essential in fertilizer production. It can separate livestock manure and poultry manure into liquid organic fertilizer and solid organic fertilizer. Liquid organic fertilizers can be used for crop utilization, solid organic fertilizers can improve soil structure. At the same time, you can make them into organic compound fertilizers through fermentation.

As we have introduced in our previous article about making organic manure compost, it is best for bio-organisms to ferment when organic dung is at 50% moisture. If the moisture is high, the temperature is hard to rise, and the decomposing speed will become extraordinarily slow. Because too much water will cause to a shortage of oxygen and bio-organism cannot multiply as a result. Therefore, it is necessary to dewater raw materials.

Two Types of Liquid Solid Separator

MFP produces two types of liquid solid separators for sale: screw extrusion solid liquid separator machines and inclined separators for animal manure. In general, they are different in capacity and operation methods. In the next paragraphs, we will explain their working principles in detail.

Inclined Sieve Separator For Animal Manure

Inclined sieve separator is mainly composed of a filter screen, a vibrating motor, an extrusion drying box, and a reducer. The two main models respectively have the capacity of 20 m³ and 40 m³.

If you have a larger capacity need, MFP company can also customize a model for your business. An inclined sieve separator is equipment for dewatering livestock and poultry manure. After you reduce the moisture to an appropriate level, you can prepare to make compost.

You can use the submerged pump to send the manure to the processor, squeeze and separate the solid matter through the stainless steel screw shaft placed in the screen, and the liquid will pass through the screen from the liquid outlet.

Screw Extrusion Solid Liquid Separator Machine

The screw extrusion solid liquid separator machine can pump poultry and livestock manure and place it through the sieve. The extruding screw in the net pushes raw materials forward, and the dry matter extrudes with the solid material column formed at the mouth of the machine. Water in it is filtered out through the sieve.

There are 180 and 230 types of livestock and poultry manure dehydration equipment. MFP company can also customize the machine according to your needs. Main engine power of livestock and poultry manure dehydration equipment: 4-5.5KW. The moisture content of the separated solid matter is 30-40%. You can directly pack them and use them as soil manure after natural heating and fermentation.