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There are two ways to ferment compost: groove compost and windrow compost. The former requires groove construction, while the latter uses the windrow composting method on the ground. Due to site constraints, factories with small sizes rarely use the windrow compost method. The groove-type fermentation method can be used for limited and narrow sites.

The windrow compost method is a good choice if you own a small farm or factory with much space.

In the production of organic fertilizer, there are many kinds of organic fertilizer equipment. If you need to assemble your small farm or factory production, small windrow turners can well satisfy your needs. MFP factory provides crawler-type compost turners, self-moving composting machines, and groove-type compost turners.

small scale compost turner

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Windrow Compost Turner

The windrow compost turner is mainly used in various livestock, poultry manure, straw household waste, sludge treatment, and small-scale municipal sludge treatment projects. It is mainly composed of a walking device, a turning device, and a transmission system. Besides, the driving device generally adopts an internal combustion engine.

Ground pile fermentation is currently advanced and the most economical mode. Because it can save you a lot on construction. Windrow turners regularly turn the compost to implement mixing and crushing to speed up organic decomposition under aerobic conditions.

There are two types of windrow compost turners provided for your factory.

Moving Type Compost Turner

Moving type compost turner is equipped with four wheels and can move freely. One person can drive the machine. The whole machine rides on the long strip of fertilizer base which is piled up in advance. Then, the rotating knife shaft hung under the frame can turn the windrow. This type of composting machine is cost-effective and suitable for your garden or small farm.

Advantages Of Moving Type Compost Turner

Moving type compost turner is sturdy and easy to operate. It has strong applicability to the site. In addition to the stout frame, parts are standard, easy to use, and maintain. Compared with other types of compost turners, the moving type made in MFP factory has the most competitive price and the smallest capacity.

You can dispose poultry and livestock manure with moving type compost turner in an easy way.

Moving type compost turner can speed up aerobic fermentation, and biodegradation so that it achieves harmless and resourceful use. You just need to pile chicken manure and pig manure together and add microbes to it. After 7 days of aerobic fermentation, you can use a moving type compost turner to fully ferment the manure.

Crawler Type Compost Turner

This type of compost turner adopts a crawler to walk. As you can see in the below picture, there are rotating knives shaft hung under the body frame. The knives can turn and fluff raw materials. It needs one person to control and drive, which is suitable for the operation in the open field or workshop shed. The overall structure of the machine is reasonable, strong, reliable, simple, and convenient to control and maintain.

Advantages Of Crawler Type Compost Turner

crawler type compost turner paddles

One of the major technological breakthroughs of the machine is the integration of the crushing function in the late stage of material fermentation. With the gradual dehydration of materials, the knife shaft of the additional crushing device can effectively crush the plates formed during the fermentation process of fertilizer. As a result, it can not only save a fertilizer crusher but mainly greatly improves the efficiency of crushing, reduces the cost, and solves the problem of production volume constrained by the crusher.

There is the front hydraulic lift logistics push plate without a manual time-consuming whole pile.

Turning drum hydraulic lift, you can adjust its speed according to the size of the material moisture.

It is Suitable for a variety of grounds and will not damage the ground.

Characteristics Of Crawler Type Compost Turner

It is suitable for microbial fermentation of poultry manure into fertilizer. At the same time, it creates a better aerobic environment for material fermentation.

Moreover, the whole machine has low energy consumption and high output, which reduces the cost of organic fertilizer production. According to the technical parameters of the machine, the small machine can turn 500-700 cubic meters of fresh cow manure per hour (equivalent to the workload of 100 people at the same time and tirelessly).

Take MFP’s SXLDF-2400 as an example, the working speed is 6-8 meters per minute and the windrow spacing should be 800-1000mm. Its capacity can reach 500-700 cubic meters per minute.

In conclusion, small windrow turners have the advantage of simple operation and zero construction cost. But it is only suitable for those who have open space. Also, you can choose the turner according to your budget. The crawler type is steady in the working process and can crush materials with its steel drum with paddles.

While it is also more expensive than moving-type compost turner. Meanwhile, some may wonder how many areas they need. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry about that, MFP’s specialists will give you a detailed solution and suggestion. Contact us now and we will get the best solution as possible as we can.