chicken Poop compost Machine

Chicken Poop – a Tricky Problem in Your Farm

Recently, a young man has gone viral on TikTok because he powered a generator with chicken poop. There is no petroleum and the only source of power is chicken poop, which is like magic! In the field of energy advancement in Africa, many netizens believe it is workable.

The use of biogas as a fuel in Africa can be traced back to the early 1990s when the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) started to promote its use as an alternative to biomass and kerosene.)

Except for use as fuel, what else can you apply chicken poop for? Of course, we all know that it can be a nutritional matter for the soil. Therefore, you can also make fertilizer out of chicken poop. One sustainable way is to make compost out of chicken manure. We can well ferment them and use them as fertilizer. Chicken poop is full of organic matter. After decomposition, it will become an environmental nutrient. Thus, it makes a perfect recycling of chicken poop.

Today, MFP will introduce you to how to dispose of your chicken poop and make it a recyclable gold. That is, turn it into manure with the help of a chicken poop compost machine. Next, let’s have a look at how it works.

How to compost chicken manure?

Next, let’s take a review of how to turn chicken poop into organic fertilizer in a commercial way.

Usually, it takes 3 months for chicken manure to decompose.

A really long time, huh? Sounds ancient to make commercial compost.

Fortunately, as the Industrial Revolution started, scientists created fertilizer machines, which not only saves labor but also speed up fermentation.

compost food waste

Use chicken manure machine to make compost quickly

First, according to the scale of chicken poop. You can choose large-scale composting machines.

We can divide commercial compost machines into 3 types. The first type of food composting machine works in trenches, which requires you to construct grooves. The second type is a crawler-type compost turner. And the third type is also the fastest compost helper- the chicken poop fermentation tank. Well, next is a detailed introduction to these three types of machines.

1. groove type compost turner to dispose chicken poop

This is the most common way to make commercial chicken poop compost. Usually, the compost turner works in a groove where chicken poop is piled up. Through continuous turning, the oxygen and moisture will decompose the chicken poop.

groove type food waste compost turner
crawler type compost turner used to turn food waste

2. crawler type composting devices

A good chicken manure recycling machine is better bear advantages like affordable and long-lasting. Moreover, less budget is also necessary. For this type of compost equipment, one highlight is saving your construction. Nevertheless, you must own a vast area of working land. Because you can directly make chicken poop into piles and then use the crawler type composting machine to turn.

From its name, you can know that the composting machine adopts a crawler to drive on the road. What’s more, there are paddles on the beam that can crush the chicken poop and speed up fermentation.

3. fermentation tank

Now, we come to the third type of commercial composting equipment. As for this fermentation method, you don’t need to turn the compost or build trenches. Moreover, the working area is also reduced to a great extent. Because you can load chicken poop in the tank and all you need to do is take a rest and wait! For it is powered by electricity and chicken poop can be well-fermented by high temperature.

We may safely draw the conclusion that this is the most time-saving and convenient equipment to compost chicken poop. But you may wonder if you can apply it to commercial compost. The answer is definitely! Of course you can, it may seem a little compact and mini. But actually MFP can customize its capacity from 5-150m³. That would be perfect for your business.

Through testing, this fermentation tank can decompose chicken poop in 10 hours. You only need to wait for its aging process.

Compared with the other two chicken poop compost machines, the fermentation tank is the fast way to make compost. Also, it costs more than them.

large scale in vessel composting machine to make organic compost.

Chicken poop compost machine price in India

As a renowned fertilizer equipment manufacturer, the MFP factory has served more than 500 customers in India. One big reason is the factory price we offer and the good quality of our products. The chicken poop compost machine price varies with capacity. Fortunately, MFP factory can give you a rough price range. For example, a crawler-type compost-turning machine will cost you $12,000 to $60,000. If you need to learn more about the prices of the three types of machines, please contact us through the What’ App or send an e-mail to us. We will recommend you the best type according to your capacity and working areas.

Chicken poop compost machine South Africa

Except for compost machines, you also need screening & crushing machines. The video below is the whole fertilizer production line ordered by our South Africa customer. You can see that this South Africa customer choose a crawler-type compost turner due to his open working area.

With this fertilizer equipment, you can turn chicken poop into valuable compost as well as powder fertilizer!

In conclusion, turning chicken poop into compost is a sustainable and effective solution for managing the increasing amount of organic waste. By using a chicken poop composting machine, the process of decomposition can be accelerated, and the resulting fertilizer can be used to enrich soil and support plant growth.

There are several types of composting machines available, including groove-type compost turners, crawler-type composting devices, and fermentation tanks. Each has its advantages and limitations, and the choice depends on the scale of chicken poop and available working space.

The cost of chicken poop composting machines varies with capacity, and MFP factory offers a range of products with competitive prices and high quality. With the use of screening and crushing machines, the composting process can be further optimized to produce powder fertilizers.

Overall, adopting a chicken poop composting system is a viable and environmentally responsible approach to tackling the chicken poop crisis. Interested in this green project? Contact us now.